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Our Trainers


Ruth Meyers, PhD

Official Goiz-Certified Trainer

Ruth Meyers, PhD Biomed Eng, FHEA, was a university lecturer for 28 years until fibromyalgia cut her career short and she took early retirement. A year later, a friend introduced her to biomagnetic pair therapy (BMPT) and she regained her health. In 2014 she trained in Spain, under Dr Isaac Goiz-Durán, for level 1 and 2, obtaining a postgraduate certificate in Biomagnetic Pair. During 2014 - 2015 she did additional practice sessions with Dr Cristóbal Ruiz Piña and Dr David Goiz-Martínez. Her research project was titled: “The Effectiveness of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy on Clients with Fibromyalgia in the United Kingdom”. In 2018 she completed the Advanced Course with Dr David Goiz-Martínez.  Details of her current research involving BMPT can be found on her website: In early 2021 Dr Isaac Goiz-Durán certified her as an official Goiz instructor.


Ruth Bell


Over the last 10 years Ruth has studied Biomagnetic Pair therapy to an advanced level, remote Biomagnetic therapy, BioNeuroEmotion, Naturopathy, Swedish and Deep tissue Massage, Basic Acupressure, Quantic Dimensional Healing, Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healing. Her training has been undertaken in Mexico, London, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, Guatemala and Ibiza. Having been affected by exotic and chronic illnesses, as well as emotional and mental issues, Ruth has developed a great understanding of the various therapeutic techniques, and of how interlinked the body, mind and emotions are. She is now living in Scotland, helping people to get their lives back.

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