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Goiz-certified Biomagnetic Pair Training

Why take a Goiz-certified BMPT course? 


Because it will provide knowledge as faithful as possible to its original source. 
The discoverer and developer of biomagnetic pair therapy (BMPT), Dr Isaac Goiz-Duran, passed away in April of 2021. There are several providers of courses of biomagnetic pair therapy in English in the world. But at present the only people teaching in English who offer certification from the Goiz School in Mexico are Dr David Goiz, Dr Moises Goiz, and Dr Ruth Meyers.
The Isaac Goiz Durán School (Escuela Superior de Biomagnetismo Médico Isaac Goiz Durán) provides the industry standard. By attaining its certificate, you also ensure the most up-to-date knowledge in BMPT. 
Dr Ruth Meyers and Ruth Bell founded Biomagnetic Pair Training UK. We have a commitment to superior professionalism, both in the delivery and content of the courses, and in the quality of practice of the people who train with us. 
Additionally, Biomagnetic Pair Training UK offer continued learning opportunities via workshops and supervised practice sessions. 
These merits can help you boost your career progression as a BMPT practitioner.

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