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Biomagnetic pairs is a complementary therapy, a form of biomagnetism. Taking a whole-body approach, it aims to restore health and promote wellness. It does this through the identification and rebalancing of magnetic disturbances in the body by targeted use of both magnetic poles.  Many conditions can be treated, including chronic, autoimmune and degenerative. 

Biomagnetic pairs were methodically discovered by Dr Isaac Goiz, a physician and physiotherapist, who was searching for even more ways to help his patients.


Biomagnetic Pair Training is done over two levels. Each is taught over an intensive one-week course. After level 1 professional practice can be undertaken. In level 2 additional knowledge and techniques are covered. Practice is included from day one of each course.

These courses are Goiz-certified. The textbooks used were written by Dr David Goiz, son of Dr Isaac Goiz, and his successor as rector of the Goiz School.

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Ruth Meyers, PhD

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Ruth Bell


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